Chicken Salad Sandwich Sale, hosted by Batman!

There will aBatman1lso be live music by supergroup Batman, featuring Danny Glover, Stan the Eskimo Kid, and your Great-Aunt Vandelay, the evil geniuses behind classic hits such as “Donkey Teeth,” “Getting Sweaty With My People,” and the chart-topping power ballad, “Hold the Lettuce, Give Me That Pickle.”

Please note that sandwiches will only be available during songs, and please don’t bother the group while they are on break.

one night only!


The Fruits of My Labor

My latest commission work was for the lovely folks at Amazing Fruit Products, makers of Amazin’ Raisins – All Natural, No Sugar Added, Gluten and Fat Free, and Certified Kosher snacks! They requested some product photos, flyers, and display posters to advertise. I threw in a few Facebook freebies as well.

Amazin’ Raisins are now available at Bruce’s Foodland Plus and are coming soon to!

A Smart Start for a New Practice

Logo Design commissioned by Smart Start Pediatrics, a new pediatric clinic in Albertville, Alabama. Smart Start Pediatrics was founded in April 2014 by the owners of Fort Payne Pediatrics.

They requested a kid-friendly logo design for their new practice as well as a few designs for self-inking stamps, ink pens, business cards, Facebook branding, etc. Smart Start is growing rapidly, so stay tuned for more custom designs and advertisements in the very near future!